What École Centrale Paris Offers

An Innovative approach to engineering sciences

École Centrale Paris programs offer a unique way to experience a multidisciplinary approach to the engineering sciences, with the emphasis on Mathematics and theoretical concepts that is at the root of the French technological culture and, more globally, of a large part of Europe.

Close links to industry

École Centrale Paris has close connections with an array of world‐class companies, in aerospace (EADS‐developer of Airbus aircraft and Ariane launchers, Dassault, Sagran), ground transportation (Alstom‐manufacturer of the TGV bullet train, Peugeot‐Citroën, Renault), civil engineering (Bouygues, Colas, GTM), chemical engineering (Air Liquide, L’Oréal, Schlumberger), glass manufacturing (Saint‐Gobain), advanced systems (Thales), water and environmental engineering (Veolia Environnement), and energy (Areva, EDF, Total).
The students benefit from these close contacts through the presence of many Centrale Paris Professors working concurrently in industry, and through various activities such as conferences, internships, factory visits, study projects, job fairs, or the student‐run consulting firm.
International students will have access to the Centrale Paris Placement Office to apply for internships in industry in France following their period of study at Centrale Paris.

A safe and friendly campus

The small friendly size of the campus (1,800 students in all) make it an ideal place to study, to participate in one of the student organizations, and to enjoy close interactions with the rich variety of international cultures present on campus.

An enriching lifestyle

The numerous cultural and sports events organized on campus and the proximity of Paris (30 minutes by public transportation for the heart of Paris) encourage an immersion in all levels of French culture, form jogging across the street at Parc de Sceaux to entertainment at the Paris Opera.

Knowledge of French

A minimum level of B1 is required before arrival. Those students not fluent in French are encouraged to spend time prior to their arrival at Centrale Paris in a one or two‐month language program at the CAVILAM in Vichy. Our experience with the many international students who have studied at Centrale Paris has shown that this preparation is sufficient to ensure successful studies at Centrale Paris. Motivation and scientific proficiency in Mathematics and Physics are better guarantees of success than competence in French at the outset. Courses in French as a foreign language are also available at Centrale Paris.

Tuition and fees

For academic year 2014-15, tuition fees in the Engineering curriculum for international students is set to 7450 euros per semester.

For partner institutions with an exchange program with Centrale Paris, please refer to your international office for information on the agreement. Tuition fees may be paid to the home institution and waived at Centrale Paris or paid at Ecole Centrale Paris at a preferential rate. 

All additional cost for housing, meals, course manuals, health insurance and other miscellaneous expenses must be paid by all students.

Depending on the choice of housing and optional health coverage plan, these costs range from 3,500 to 5,000€ per semester (for details, see Typical Budget).


Most of  students may be housed in the dorms on campus. Most of the rooms are single rooms; the cost for housing and food on campus comes to around 700€ per month. This budget does not include social activities and transportation costs.

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