Erasmus Mundus: a strategic tool for the School’s international activities


Erasmus Mundus is a key strategic tool in the context of global university and scientific competition. The Ecole Centrale Paris has been increasingly involved in the coordination of these programmes since 2009.

After EM-TANDEM, an on-going programme concerning China and which regroups 20 partners for a total amount of 4.6 M€, the Ecole Centrale Paris is strengthening its links with the Japan/Korea zone through EM-BEAM – “Build on Euro-Asian Mobility”, which offers mobility grants to doctoral students, post-doctorate students and teacher researchers to a value of 1.5 M€. Thanks to this programme of excellence between Europe, Japan and Korea, several of the 72 candidates selected have already been able to live the adventure of a scientific visit overseas.

In parallel with these mobility activities, Centrale is a partner with the EM-Master in “Information technologies for business intelligence”, coordinated by the Free University of Brussels which should host about twenty Erasmus Mundus grant students.

The School is also a partner in the EM Action 3 programme coordinated by the Milan Polytechnic and will participate in working groups on double degrees between Europe and Latin America.

Centrale will again be present this year in the new 2012 call for propositions, particularly to extend EM-BEAM with Australia and New Zealand, and to offer a doctoral programme. Finally, the School continues to monitor future developments towards an “Erasmus for All”.


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